Super Rich Stop
MAD About Chocolate TestimonialSuper good chocolate. Plenty of great gluten free chocolate items. Owner was super nice and the chocolate was SUPER rich. Blew my socks off. Great stop!!
Dan, Feb 2017

Chocolate Paradise of Williamsburg, VA
We went to try the chocolate cookies, our first time. It’s truly a treat! The brownies were double deckered with chocolate ganache, really dark, it was sweet and wonderful. Truffles, rich, flavorful, and the chocolate cake slices were huge, again dark chocolate. I could have eaten the whole one not just one slice! The chocolate chip cookies with huge pieces of chocolate and nuts, what is there to say, it overwhelmed our senses.
Cynthia, March 2017

So, So Good!
I think of myself as a chocolate connoisseur – every new place I visit, I find the local chocolate shop to try. Well, I hit the jackpot when I walked into Mad About Chocolate! The cookies (favorite is a toss up between the classic chocolate chip and the awesome black mamba – think molten lava cake meets cookie) are all wonderful but I think the Griffin Bar is the best overall treat. So, so good!!!!!
Jeannette, June 2017

We Are MAD About YOU!
Every time we make a trip to Williamsburg, we always stop here to bring home delicious treats, like the griffin bar and Mad balls! On our recent trip, we bought our treats , but before that, we had a delicious lunch!
Seaside May 2017

What can I say, I’m mad about chocolate and love Mad about Chocolate! My children and I got several different items and all were delicious! Their Mad Brownie is number 1, in my opinion! Highly recommend for quality chocolate and baked goods!
Suzy, July 2017

If You Need Your Chocolate Fix…
Then this is where you need to be! We visited with our two daughters (ages 5 and 4) and bought a delicious sampling of cookies, brownies, s’mores, chocolate covered pretzels and more! This place was a dream come true for a chocolate lover like me. I’m pretty sure no one will sleep tonight because of all the sugar we consumed…. but it was well worth it!
Gina, August 2017

The Chocolates are OMG, But Don’t Ignore the Lunch Menu!
Mad About Chocolate is all about the chocolate (more about that later), but it’s also a great spot for lunch where you can enjoy lite fare (think chicken or tuna salad served with local microgreens), croissant sandwiches, and a killer Tillamook cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese. It gets even better. If you can afford to linger over lunch and not return to work or if you’re visiting Colonial Williamsburg, they also serve wines by the glass and an assortment of local craft beers. On my visit, I “over-ordered” because I wanted to try the mac ‘n’ cheese and a croissant sandwich. The mac ‘n’ cheese also came with microgreens and a remarkable bread called “Billy Bread” that is as good as it gets. This is not your mother’s mac ‘n’ cheese either. The Tillamook cheddar is tangy, sharp, and creamy. It’s an “adult” version that includes pasta shells and broccoli. I was not disappointed. It was delicious. The salad accompaniment was perfect to offset the richness of the cheese. I wound up saving half of my mac ‘n’ cheese because I ordered a Nutty Chicken Salad sandwich on a croissant. It gets its name because it is mixed with grapes, nuts, and just the right amount of lite mayo to make it creamy and not over-dressed. So, that brings me to the chocolate. All I can say is Oh. My. God. I gratefully accepted a sample of the Double MAD brownie, which consists of not one, but two layers of fudge brownie held together with four layers of ganache. It’s chocolate perfection. Try the cookies too. The deadly delicious Black Mamba cookie consists of dark chocolate, chocolate chips, and nuts. Ask them to warm it for you. The chocolate chips melt and the only downside is that eventually you’ll finish the cookie. You don’t want it to end. Mad About Chocolate is a magical gem. The chocolate is divine.
Fred, April 2017